We, Asians, Need Rice!!!

I was volunteering for a global conference in Davos last year. It was fun, and I made some new friends, one of them was a cute Chinese girl (who might have taken me as her mother hen…doooh).

During our first lunch time she was shocked. In the beginning she was happy to get her lunch, but then her smile was away when she saw it was sandwich.

Her: Do Swiss eat like this?

Me: Yes, they do.

Her: Is it enough for them?

Me: Well, it is, I guess.

Her: Why don’t they eat rice?

Me: Well, sandwich is cheap, you can get it quickly, and eat whenever and wherever you want.

Her: Don’t they eat warm food?

Me: Yes, they do.

Her: I need warm food.

Me: Tonight you can get warm food.

Her: I want rice.


Dang…out of the blue, I was longing to have a bowl of rice.


PS: I then took her to a really nice Chinese restaurant in Davos ^_^

4 thoughts on “We, Asians, Need Rice!!!

  1. Hehe, fun read šŸ™‚ We recently moved to Switzerland and my boyfriend keeps getting weird looks from co-workers because he always eats a sandwich for lunch. They keep telling him it’s ”not proper food” and that he ”should eat a hot meal” šŸ™‚

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